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Somebody gave me a copy of the three CDs of the walks and I've enjoyed them hugely - giving the local community time and space, no ironing out of conflicts, but very beautifully done. Your CDs and Lorraine Leeson's plaques were the perfect complement to each other. I hope you both see it this way! Jane Graves

A walk through a part of town that you wouldn't normally do, but it is a part which belongs to London. Very interesting how the past is connected with the existing landscape. It helped me see or hear things that I wouldn't have known if I hadn't had the 'memory' to listen to female, 24

I liked hearing older people telling stories/experiences about the time the docks were still in use; an interesting way to experience the area male, 22

I loved the combination of real experience (being outdoors) and audio explanations. The historical background and the development in time became more clear. Male, engineer, 46

By the end of the walk you get an overall picture of how it could have been, when the docks were still at work. It would have been nice if there were more signs along the walk with some information. male, 22

I would recommend my friends to have a memoryscape trip. It is a very smart and nice way to visit this area. male, 24

In an area of nothing interesting, listening to the quite interesting history! 10/10  male, 26

I liked the authentic memories of people who lived/worked here in the docker's time - and Barrier Park! I'd recommend it, it is a nice way to learn something about an area in change. female, 29

It was good to walk around an area I probably wouldn't have walked around without a special occasion. I liked listening to real people talking about their memories. The music was distracting for a foreigner listening. Female, age not given

Do it!    male, Architect, 45

Very evocative; good to hear ordinary people's reminiscences. Stimulating, fascinating glimpse of local history. Community Development Officer, 54

Culturally and historically enriching. It gave me a better 'feel' for the area male, 63

Brilliant. I liked the space it gave me to form my own thoughts and reflections; it was thought provoking, sad, revealling. I loved being in a wide open space near the city. I didn't realise how recently the docks had changed, the space here is huge! female administrator, 33




Picture: Museum in Docklands


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