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Download Trails

Here you can download map booklets and self-guided audio trails for the area around the Royal Docks in East London. The trails contain original interviews with dozens of people who have lived and worked in the docks, factories and communities of Silvertown, West Silvertown and North Woolwich. The walks include some of the most impressive and startling views in London, and each trail begins and ends near a Docklands Light Railway Station.

What do I need to experience a memoryscape walk?
Download the trails below; transfer the mp3 files to an mp3 player and print out the trail map to take with you.

How long do the walks take?
The trails are all 2 miles or less, but allow two hours for each walk. You may wish to take some refreshments with you, but there are reasonably priced shops and cafes on each route. The routes are designed for daytime walking. The walks are along public pavements and footpaths and include some relatively isolated locations. Walk with a friend and leave valuables at home, in the same way that you would explore any other unfamiliar part of London.

How do I get there?
Each trail starts and finishes at a Docklands Light Railway station (included in the London Travelcard area). The stations are also served by local bus routes and there are car parking areas nearby.

Are the walks easily accessible?
The walks follow pavements and public footpaths. There are occasional low kerbs and uneven surfaces. With the exception of one or two listening points that involve steps to get the best view, the routes are accessible for bike and wheelchair users.

How about a walk before lunch?
There are excellent cafes at the end of each walk that serve lunches on most days (Barrier Park, City Airport and UEL Docklands campus) and shops on each route where you can find the ingredients for a picnic.

Download links below:

Please note you will need to unzip the file with freely available compression software, such as WinZip.

Only download the trails if you accept that the creators of the trails cannot be held liable for any injury, harm or loss suffered when experiencing these walking trails.

Walk 1: The West Silvertown Trail: Gunpowder, Fire and Flood

Walk 2: The Asta Trail, Silvertown: Trains, Planes and Graffiti Walls

Walk 3: The North Woolwich Trail: Deep Water

Walking guide and map booklet for trails 1 to 3

Walk 4: Precious Places Plaque location guide




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